Susan Adams, Executive Director-Founder/EAGALA, Certified Equine Specialist, Magna Wave Provider


Susan has worked to fulfill a lifelong dream to use her love for horses to improve the lives of others in her community. Instrumental in developing the program and team, she has ten years of experience with Oasis Acres working with groups, families and individuals.

Sam Adams, Facility Operations/Farrier Services


Sam grew up with horses and rodeo in his pre-adult years. After attending Southwest Texas in San Marcos, he joined the family business in construction and aviation where he ran the daily operations of the airport and flight school. He retired from the family business in 2014 and started another business. In 2015 he met Susan and joined forces with her and Oasis Acres! Sam oversees all the facility operations, keeps the horses in shape and healthy!

Marie Mason, LPC Counselor


Marie Mason was born in Toronto, Canada after her parents immigrated from Holland. Her dad became a farmer and she started riding when she was nine. She spent years doing 4-H and showing on the Arabian circuit. She moved to Texas in 1993 to teach horseback riding at Camp Stewart in Hunt, Texas and never left. Marie has now been working in education for twenty-eight years but her passion is equine therapy, which she hopes to do full time after retirement. Marie has been certified with EAGALA since 2010 and firmly believes in the power of the horses. She will be doing EMDR training in the fall and is hoping to also use horses as a tool in the regulation of trauma. Oasis Acres has been a wonderful place to work and we hope that you will come out to see what we do!

Lisa Gibson, EAGALA Certified Equine Specialist


Lisa joined Oasis Acres as a volunteer and developed a strong commitment to the EAGALA model as she witnessed first-hand the life changing benefits of the work. Lisa is now an EAGALA Certified Equine Specialist who greatly enjoys watching the amazing benefits equine mental health therapy provides.

Regea Llerenas, EAGALA Certified Equine Specialist


Regea brings her horse experience and youth to the program and does a lot of the “heavy lifting.” Regea is a EAGALA Certified Equine Specialist and has a degree in Public Health, her skills with horses and clients is a great asset to the Oasis Acres team.